• Sweta


    A content writer on management studies

  • Bego Ros

    Bego Ros

    All things Android Development and Testing

  • Vladimirs Matusevics

    Vladimirs Matusevics

    Senior iOS Engineer at Booking.com In my spare time working on cre8ios.com

  • Tan Han Wei

    Tan Han Wei

    Blockchain Game Founder & Developer | Tech and Self-Help Writer | Full-Time Video Producer and 3D Generalist | Check out my game: https://discord.com/invite/Sa4

  • Tatevik Tovmasyan

    Tatevik Tovmasyan

    iOS Developer, Passionate about AI & ML, Loves algorithms ❤️

  • Marcin Sudara

    Marcin Sudara

    One suspecting that we are stories. Lifelong learner. An air traffic controller interested in languages, be it Japanese, coding or tunes played on Irish flute.

  • Sam Buddington

    Sam Buddington

    A new product mentor, figuring the best way to learn new stuff, and teach it in less time than I took to learn it.

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