Why I stopped using SwiftUI and AWS in my personal project

Forehand app’s logo
SwiftUI project structure
WebView which I embedded 5 times (each with a different HTML) in VStack
Navigation bar with a custom background colour
Another example of a navigation bar with a custom background colour
  • Some of you may say that I’ve given up too early and that’s a fair point. I just want my free time that I spend on coding a personal app to be as enjoyable as possible. I also want to see the results as soon as possible, to touch what I build and to let other people touch it, test it, give some feedback.
  • Most of the SwiftUI issues that I’ve faced are fixed in SwiftUI 2.0 which will be publicly live this autumn. There are lazy stacks, native support for onboarding-like screens and much more: https://developer.apple.com/videos/play/wwdc2020/10041/. I just didn’t want to wait a few months for SwiftUI 2.0 to be publicly live and then maybe 2/3 months to build my app from scratch using a technology that I’m not fully confident with yet.
  • In terms of a backend solution - I’m not forgetting about AWS. Maybe one day I will go for some kind of a hybrid solution: Firebase managed authentication and AWS for storing and providing data - I don’t know if it’s possible though. I would need to do more research.




Senior iOS Developer, https://damianmarkowski.com

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Damian Markowski

Damian Markowski

Senior iOS Developer, https://damianmarkowski.com

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